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Getting botanically literate in the Garden State

by Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director, New Jersey Conservation Foundation Anyone who invests a springtime in coaxing flowers, fruits, or vegetables out of the ground in this state we’re in will develop a healthy respect for plants. Despite our efforts to tame what grows in our gardens, plants have a way of advancing their own agendas.…

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Extreme Heat: Have you gotten the message?

by Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director People all over this state we’re in look forward to the early days of July. From sand sculpting contests at the shore to Independence Day fireworks high over the Hudson and Delaware, summer celebrations ramp up as June starts to position itself in the rearview. But you could be forgiven…

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A lot can be gleaned when we share food

by Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director On a sunny Monday morning this month, Christine Parauda was up at dawn thinking about spinach. Lots of people eating spinach. What sounds like a first-grader’s nightmare is for Parauda, the LocalShare coordinator at the nonprofit Foodshed Alliance in Hope, NJ, the ideal way to start the day. By 10…

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The lowly dandelion: Ready for a close-up?

by Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director Make a wish before blowing on a dandelion, some say, and the confetti of airborne seeds might give your wish liftoff. Or you might just end up with a new batch of dandelions to wish on later. Neither outcome would be bad. Though the yellow-flowered masters of survival that show…

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