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A governor’s ‘PACT’ for climate change

Governor Murphy is making a PACT with New Jersey by taking the most proactive step of any state to address climate change. “PACT” stands for Protecting Against Climate Threats, and it’s part of the governor’s proposal to reduce the vulnerability of residents to the impacts of climate change, including sea level rise and air pollution.…

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Organic conference highlights benefits of healthy soils

How often do you think about the soil under your feet? Not much, probably! But the folks at the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey are serious about it. To them, soil is not just dirt … it’s a living thing that’s crucial to producing healthy foods, and a powerful ally in the fight…

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Bugs in your house!

A Vineland family was recently shocked to find a scorpion in their house. The scorpion, usually found in warmer climates, apparently crawled into their luggage during a vacation in Costa Rica and came back with them to New Jersey. It was removed without incident by local animal control officers. Most New Jerseyans won’t discover anything…

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Lucy Meyer: Conservation Trailblazer

Tripod Rock, an enormous boulder balanced precariously atop three tiny rocks, has been called “Morris County’s Stonehenge.” Geologists say the amazing rock formation was created when glaciers plowed through the area over 18,000 years ago, although local lore offers the alternative theory that it was built by prehistoric Native Americans as a spiritual place. The…

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New Jersey environmental wins and losses in 2019

It’s the nation’s most densely populated state, with the most Superfund sites, and sometimes called Cancer Alley! This state we’re in faces many environmental challenges, including air pollution, threats to clean drinking water and sprawl. But New Jersey is also a leader in open space and farmland preservation, and still rightfully retains its Garden State…

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