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60 years of farming left?

The Dust Bowl of the 1930s was one of the worst man-made disasters in our history. Due to poor farming practices and many years of drought, topsoil in the southern plains turned to dust and blew away. Failed crops and dead farm animals led to the hunger and misery of the Great Depression. Is the…

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Saving rare Pickering’s morning glories

Anyone who’s planted “garden variety” morning glories knows how easily they grow. These showy annuals climb like crazy and produce lots of seeds. New plants pop up year after year and are almost unstoppable! But that’s not the case with the delicate perennial known as Pickering’s morning glory, one of New Jersey’s rarest and most…

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Gas pipelines carry hidden costs: ‘A tale of two pipelines’

Someone once said “the best things in life are free.” But even “free” things like air, water and the quiet enjoyment of nature have tremendous value.  And those values can easily be stripped away. That’s the finding of a new report commissioned by New Jersey Conservation Foundation on the costs of natural gas pipelines and…

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Fish in hot water

Around the globe, climate change is leading to increased ocean temperatures and more acidic water. The impact on fish and the fishing industry is enormous. The problem is especially troubling in the waters off New Jersey and the Atlantic coast. “Here in the northeast, the water is warming faster than almost any place in the…

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