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Highway Beautification – New Jersey style

Driving through a garden usually isn’t a commuter experience, but drivers on the Atlantic City Expressway will see colorful patches of native flowers along the sides of the highway! Though the wildflowers are beautiful, it’s not all about appearance. The wildflowers are new habitat for New Jersey’s struggling insect pollinators, like bees and butterflies, which…

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Great news for New Jersey’s streams and rivers!

Placed end to end, the New Jersey rivers and streams proposed for higher environmental protections would stretch from High Point to Cape May and back again – twice! The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection plans to designate nearly 750 additional miles of rivers and streams throughout this state we’re in as “Category 1,” a…

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Renewable energy: less pollution, more jobs, lower costs

While Washington turns it back on climate change, New Jersey is busy reclaiming its national leadership role on clean energy. One year ago, New Jersey passed a landmark Clean Energy Law to transition half of the state’s electricity from fossil fuels to renewable sources like wind and solar by 2030. Also one year ago, Governor…

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UN report sounds alarm on nature’s decline

Would you care if northeastern beach tiger beetles and arogos skipper butterflies disappeared? How about blue-spotted salamanders and southern gray tree frogs, or peregrine falcons and piping plovers? What if bobcats, Indiana bats and North Atlantic right whales vanished? All of these creatures are on New Jersey’s list of endangered species, and their prospects for…

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