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New Jersey’s native plants need stronger protections

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director You wouldn’t guess this from its name, but the wild plant called sensitive joint-vetch has beautiful buttery yellow flowers with red centers and veins. Its name comes from its leaves, which fold slightly when touched. American chaffseed is another wild plant whose name gives little clue about its attractive blossoms…

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From city streets to wooded trails, illegal vehicles are a problem

By Tom Gilbert, Co-Executive Director It often seems that cities and rural towns have little in common regarding the problems and nuisances they deal with on a daily basis. But one issue affecting municipalities throughout New Jersey is the increasing illegal use of off-road vehicles – including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and dirt bikes – by…

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Light pollution erasing views of the stars and planets

Light pollution graphic

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director Have you ever seen the Milky Way? No, not the candy bar – the galaxy we live in! If not, you’re in good company. Due to light pollution, which is especially widespread in urbanized places like New Jersey, most people can’t step outside and experience the true wonder of the…

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Vultures: Nature’s cleanup crew helps ecosystem

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director To some people, vultures may seem ominous as they search the landscape for dead animals to eat. If those big dark birds are circling above your head or watching you from tree branches, you might be tempted to yell, “Go away, I’m not dead yet!” Wildlife educators believe vultures have…

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