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Preparing New Jersey for a warmer, wetter future

Flood damaged road in Warren County

By Tom Gilbert, Co-Executive Director The timing was coincidental, but could not have been more poignant. On July 16, Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency due to widespread flash flooding, landslides, and downed trees from severe thunderstorms that swept through the state. The next day, new state regulations to protect people and property…

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A giant step forward for Capital Park in Trenton

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director The completion of a six-year, $300 million renovation of New Jersey’s historic State House in Trenton was cause for celebration this spring, but there was something important missing: a green oasis worthy of this magnificent building and the capital city’s residents and visitors. Thanks to a vigorous campaign by park…

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Are green spaces a fountain of youth?

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director The news these days is full of suggestions for how to live a longer life. You may be doing just that if you live near a green space like a park, community garden or nature preserve. A just-published study by researchers at Northwestern University found that people who live near…

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Fireflies: ‘Jewels of the night’ that may be disappearing

By Tom Gilbert, Co-Executive Director If ever there were creatures with the power to make a summer night magical, it would be fireflies – also known as lightning bugs. Watching fireflies twinkling amongst the backdrop of wildflowers, shrubs, and trees on a warm summer night is a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring experience. These bioluminescent beetles use…

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