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Owl spotting in winter

With the final leaves of fall on the ground, it’s time to look for owls! Winter is prime season for spotting and listening for owls, those incredibly mysterious and beautiful birds rarely seen up close in broad daylight. “Owls are a little more obvious at this time of year because the leaves have fallen off…

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Don’t let winter keep you inside!

If you’re like me, you may have a case of “weather whiplash” from the wildly fluctuating temperatures. New Jersey’s long stretch of mild weather ended abruptly when the polar vortex moved southward and caused the mercury to plunge. Brrrr … a blast of January in November!  But by the time you read this, New Jersey…

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Is an ‘Insect Armageddon’ happening here?

Most people don’t like insects except when they’re spectacularly beautiful, like monarch butterflies. But insects are the Earth’s most numerous creatures, with a global estimate of 5.5 million species, including legions of little-known flies and beetles. Would anyone notice or care if these bugs started disappearing? In 2017, somebody did notice. A group of European…

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Bike (mostly) off-road from NYC to Philly next spring!

Since colonial times the route from New York City to Philadelphia has been a well-traveled corridor, with most of its miles in New Jersey. Philadelphia was the nation’s first capital, the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed. New York served as capital city when George Washington was inaugurated as our first president and…

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