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Hit the trail for National Trails Day!

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director When it’s time to “hit the trail,” where do you like to go? For many people, trails are a recreational amenity – great places to hike, bike, walk their dogs, observe nature and admire scenic views. For others, urban and suburban trails provide a way to commute to work or…

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Birds come in every color – so should birders!

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director From tiny hummingbirds sipping nectar from blossoms to majestic bald eagles soaring high in the sky, birds are endlessly fascinating and can inspire a deep love of nature. But not everyone has equal exposure to the outdoors – especially people of color living in urban areas – and many do…

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A little help from Mother Nature on climate change

By Tom Gilbert, Co-Executive Director In the fight against climate change, it’s clear that New Jersey needs a full toolbox of strategies to address both the causes and impacts – from reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels through clean energy and electrification, to nature-based solutions like preserving mature forests and converting flood-prone residential lands…

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For a mental health boost, go outside!

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director Ever had a “bad mood” day when you felt stressed, anxious or gloomy – only to have your spirits lifted just by going outside and spending time in the fresh air and sunshine? If so, you’re not alone! Nature can be a powerful mood booster, as a multitude of studies…

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