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Explore the wilds of the Jersey shore!

For most folks, globe-trotting vacations and cross-country road trips are out this year due to travel restrictions and quarantines. Instead, “staycations” within the Garden State seem to be the new fad. If you haven’t explored New Jersey from top to bottom, now’s the time to discover the treasures of this small but diverse state. Have…

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Missing the Olympics? Try the Greenway Games!

The summer Olympics in Tokyo are on hold due to the pandemic, just like hundreds of other athletic events ranging from local 5K races and biking events to the New York City Marathon. If you’re missing the action and want to participate in a large-scale athletic event while supporting a good cause, why not join…

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Comet Neowise illustrates importance of dark skies

Since the earliest days of human civilization, the night sky has been a source of fascination and mystery.  Ancient star-gazers saw human and animal shapes in clusters of stars, and invented elaborate mythologies.  Trying to understand the night sky inspired science, religion, philosophy, mathematics, art and literature. One of the most awe-inspiring sights is a…

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Climate change in New Jersey: warmer and wetter

Does New Jersey seem rainier than usual?  Are the winters milder? How about high tide flooding at the shore? It’s not your imagination. According to a new report by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, increased rainfall, warmer temperatures and more coastal flooding are all happening right now due to a changing climate. The…

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Is that spinach? No, it’s rare seabach amaranth!

If you are lucky enough to walk on the beach this summer, you may notice a plant that looks like spinach growing in the bare sand, apart from sea grass and other dune vegetation. Don’t step on it! It could be the rare seabeach amaranth (Amaranthus pumilus) that’s making a comeback in New Jersey. It’s…

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