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Calling new farmers!

It’s the quintessential American dream: find some land and start a farm. Generations of farm families began with that simple vision. Is this dream still realistic in today’s New Jersey, the nation’s most densely populated state? Yes! say agricultural experts. New Jersey has thousands of acres of farmland with prime, fertile soils and a ready…

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Edward Babbott: Conservation Trailblazer

One visit to a park can inspire a lifelong appreciation for nature. Imagine what longer immersions in nature can do! Edward F. Babbott imagined this well. A passionate environmentalist, retired teacher and guidance counselor, Ed strongly believed in the power of nature to inspire young people to love and appreciate plants, animals, air, water and…

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Eat better, avoid cancer, reduce climate change impacts

What does organic farming have to do with climate change, cancer, nutrition and food security? Plenty, according to Stephanie Harris, president of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey – or NOFA-NJ for short. The connect is “regenerative agriculture,” an organic growing method that pulls carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in the…

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A new administration, a new environment

One year ago, Phil Murphy was sworn in as governor. During his campaign, he pledged to restore New Jersey’s national environmental leadership. The Garden State’s environmental leadership had slipped during the previous administration, with eight years of little action. Our new governor vowed to work toward a greener future, especially in the areas of energy…

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Encourage environmental voters!

People who consider themselves environmentalists often recycle, use energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances, eat local and organic foods, and compost. They often like to get their power from clean sources like solar and wind, and may walk or bike to work to avoid car trips. But, apparently, many don’t vote! According to the Environmental Voter…

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