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Saving a rare and ‘picky’ wildflower

One of the rarest wildflowers in New Jersey – and the entire northeastern United States – is American chaffseed (Schwalbea americana), a perennial in the snapdragon family. Twenty years ago, the future was dim for this native flower with reddish-purple blooms – and it’s been listed as a federally endangered species since 1992. But today…

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Grow crops, not solar panels, on NJ’s best farmland

If there’s any doubt that New Jersey is the Garden State, visit a local farm stand or farmers’ market. This time of year, you’ll find some of the world’s most delicious produce: fresh Jersey tomatoes, peaches, sweet corn, peppers, blueberries, melons, squash and much more. What makes them so good?  One key ingredient is excellent…

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Conservation Trailblazers: John Stokes, Kathleen Caren and JoAnne Ruscio

They lived in different parts of New Jersey – John Stokes in Haddonfield, Camden County; Kathleen Caren in West Milford; Passaic County; and JoAnne Ruscio in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County. Their personal and professional paths may never have crossed. But all three made significant improvements to this state we’re in’s environment. John, who passed away…

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Finally! Landmark funding for more parks in NJ’s great outdoors

Between Tropical Storm Isaias knocking out power to much of New Jersey and the relentless pandemic, you may have missed out on the biggest conservation news of the decade! With strong bipartisan support in Congress, the Great American Outdoors Act was signed into law by President Trump, providing a huge shot in the arm for…

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