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Preserved lands protect clean air and water


“Forests are the ‘lungs’ of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. The forests are also needed for mitigating extreme climatic fluctuations, holding the soil on the slopes, retaining the moisture in the ground, and controlling the equable flow of water in our streams.” -Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1935 Our 32nd…

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To tree or not to tree?

Christmas trees

The holiday season’s here and it’s time for a tree. Do you go for a real tree or a fake? You may think that an artificial tree is the more environmentally responsible choice – after all, it spares a real tree and is reusable. But a New Jersey-grown tree is the greenest choice, and it…

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Hard cider in the Garden State

In recent years, New Jersey’s vineyards and craft breweries have surged in popularity, with new brands popping up all over the Garden State. And hard cider is coming back as the next trend in locally-produced beverages. Made from tart apples and sometimes compared to champagne, hard cider has a long history in New Jersey. The…

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Turkey Time

If you live in rural or suburban New Jersey, chances are you’ve seen flocks of enormous dark birds foraging and hanging out in fields, backyards and along roadsides. And you’ve likely heard their telltale gobble or caught a glimpse of a male spreading its tail into a giant fan. They’re wild turkeys, and their numbers…

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American shad return to New Jersey river after 173 years

The last time the fish known as American shad was seen in the Millstone River, James Polk was president and the Civil War had yet to be fought. Until now. With the removal of an old, obsolete dam in Manville, Somerset County, American shad are successfully spawning in the lower section of the Millstone, a…

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