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An Earth Day call to climate action

When we talk about a “sea change,” we mean a deep, profound transformation. And that’s exactly what a Princeton-based group called C-Change Conversations is trying to bring about in talking with people about climate change. “Today, the vast majority may understand that climate change is happening and may believe it’s influenced by human actions,” said…

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Bluebirds take wing in New Jersey

If bluebirds are a symbol of happiness, here’s some extremely happy news: New Jersey is the nation’s top state in expanding its population of bluebirds! According to Allen Jackson, president of the New Jersey Bluebird Society, a national survey of breeding birds for 2005-2015 shows that bluebirds in the Garden State are increasing their numbers…

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Reflecting on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

Fifty years ago, people took to streets and campuses across America to sound the alarm on pollution and demand stronger environmental protections. The occasion was the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, an idea conceived by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson after witnessing the ecological damage caused by a massive oil spill in California the…

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A nose for conservation

Dia, Fagen and Fly are high-energy dogs who love to run through woods and fields for hours, their noses to the ground. While it’s all play to them, their outings have a serious purpose: sniffing out invasive plants and insects, and helping scientists learn about the locations and movements of New Jersey’s endangered and threatened…

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Swamp pinks face double threat

In the wooded wetlands of South Jersey, tender buds of swamp pink flowers are popping from the ground like stalks of asparagus. The buds open into beautiful blooms with large clusters of tiny, bright pink flowers dotted with blue anthers. More and more, these rare flowers are surrounded by cages and fences designed to protect…

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