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Evert Trail Preserve

About the Preserve

This 170-acre preserve lies at the very edge of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens in the transition area between two major geological areas, the inner and outer coastal plains, with vegetation and wildlife characteristic of both regions. The preserve’s forested wetlands contain the highest species diversity of breeding neo-tropical warblers, vireos, and other songbirds anywhere on the coastal plain of New Jersey.

The 1.5-mile Evert Trail winds through a dense wetlands forest, allowing visitors to experience this tremendous diversity up close. While portions of the trail cross elevated boardwalks, visitors should be prepared for wet and muddy trails at most times of the year. Portions of the trail follow the along the Stop-the-Jade Run, a tributary steam of the Rancocas River.

The property was donated to NJCF in 1984, and was dedicated in 1995 in memory of Dot and Brooks Evert for their lifelong contribution to the protection of New Jersey’s land and natural resources. Their efforts were central to a grassroots conservation movement that led to the preservation of the New Jersey Pine Barrens through the Pinelands Preservation Act. Brooks Evert served as Trustee of New Jersey Conservation Foundation from 1974 to 1990.


628 County Rte 642
Southampton Township, NJ 08088

Ideal for...

  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking

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