Rechnitz Pine Barrens Preserve

Rechnitz Pine Barrens Preserve

The Rechnitz Pine Barrens Preserve is comprised of 811 acres of pristine Pine Barrens habitats, including a vast tract of globally rare pitch pine scrub oak upland forest, riparian Atlantic white cedar forest, and unique wetlands features. Two forest management areas along North Branch Road add to the diversity of habitat, providing a combined 50 acres of open canopy forest where an abundance of sunlight can reach scrub oaks and other understory plants that support rare butterfly and moth populations.

Along the southern boundary runs nearly two miles of the Mount Misery Brook, one of the most pristine tributaries of the Rancocas Creek.  Upwellings of clear water from the Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer create springs and seeps along the brook, creating unique wetland habitats and providing consistent flow even in times of drought.

The Preserve is one of three properties totaling 2,390 acres that were preserved with the generous support of Joan and Robert Rechnitz.  Other key partners included: the New Jersey Green Acres Program, Pinelands Commission, Victoria
Foundation, William Penn Foundation, Open Space Institute, Rancocas Conservancy, Nora Hayes, Helen & William Mazer Foundation, and John Ben Snow Memorial Trust.

Joan and Bob have given generously to ensure the permanent preservation of thousands of acres in the Pine Barrens. Bob passed away in 2019, but leaves an impressive legacy of philanthropy and land preservation. Joan and Bob also founded the Two River Theater in Red Bank and financed the construction of an arts building at Monmouth University, where Bob was a professor of English literature. Thank you, Joan and Bob, for all that you did and do to support the arts, education, health, and the environment!



North Branch Road
Browns Mills, NJ 08015

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