March 10

2020 Special Pinelands Plants Course – ADVANCED

Each participant will study a site at the Franklin Parker Preserve . The objective of the course is for each student to create a comprehensive, specimen-based list of every vascular plant species present on his/her site. The course is geared for professionals and advanced amateurs.
April 29

Spring Migration Bird Hike – Meadows & Edges

Naturalist Bill Lynch will lead us through the meadows and forest edges of Bamboo Brook as we search for both spring migrants and breeding birds. Songbirds love the transition between forest and field, and use the treetops to sing their hearts out.
May 28

2020 Special Pinelands Plant Course – FUNDAMENTALS

This year, we'll focus on the natural relationships and modern classification of plants, using the Pine Barrens of New Jersey as our outdoor classroom. By investigating, especially, plant families, and the characteristics that systematists use in trying to delineate them, we'll reinforce our understanding of plant morphology, which will greatly enhance our field botany skills.

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By Michele S. Byers,
Executive Director