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Visit winter farmers’ markets!

By Michele S. Byers, Executive Director 1999-2021 You may think of farmers’ markets as summer events, with tables laden with fresh-picked seasonal crops like Jersey tomatoes, sweet corn, peaches, melons and blueberries – and a wonderful sense of community. But winter doesn’t mean the end of healthy foods and local farm products, or even gathering…

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Seeking solutions to warehouse sprawl

By Michele S. Byer, Executive Director 1999-2021 For decades, suburban sprawl consumed farms, meadows, wetlands and forests. New housing, corporate parks, shopping malls and countless businesses took over New Jersey’s landscapes, often with little regard for water supplies, roads, wastewater, schools and other needed infrastructure. Today there is a new type of sprawl threatening this…

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Farm helps heal NJ Native American community

By Michele S. Byers, Executive Director 1999-2021 On paper, the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm in Sussex County looks like a start-up business. But at its heart, it’s a charity with the goal of feeding, healing and sustaining members of the Turtle Clan of the Ramapough Lenape Nation. This Native American tribe historically lived in…

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Protect green, save green!

By Michele S. Byers, Executive Director, 1999-2021 New Jerseyans love preserved land! Over the past 60 years, voters overwhelmingly passed every statewide ballot question on funding to protect open space, farmland and historic sites. This state we’re in may be the nation’s most densely populated, but we’ve worked hard to permanently preserve about a third…

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