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Candy Ashmun: Conservation Trailblazer

“Raise your hand if you want to be Candy Ashmun when you grow up!” This was the question posed jokingly at the dedication ceremony for the 4,000-acre Candace McKee Ashmun Preserve at Forked River Mountain in the Pine Barrens. Immediately, dozens of hands shot up in a crowd filled with New Jersey’s conservation leaders. Of…

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Green investments critical to strong economy

The coronavirus hit hard, infecting over 1.5 million residents in the U.S. and triggering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. New Jersey is at the epicenter of the pandemic, with more COVID-19 cases than any state except New York. Thanks to difficult but essential social distancing and reduced travel, the coronavirus is hopefully…

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Glittering jewels of the sky

This time of year, New Jersey is popping with color from blooming flowers and shrubs and beautiful songbirds. One of the brightest is the ruby-throated hummingbird, which returns to the Garden State each spring to breed and raise young. These tiny birds – weighing only a little more than a nickel – are the only…

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Go organic!

A trip to the supermarket – or a local farmers market or farm stand – offers a dazzling array of fruits and veggies. Which should you pick? If you’re looking for the healthiest choices, head straight for the organic section! Organic foods are those grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, as well as other…

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