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Protect Liberty State Park’s Caven Point as urban natural area!

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director In the most urban area of the nation’s most densely populated state, there’s a small peninsula along the Hudson River where it widens into Upper New York Bay. It’s an amazing haven for nature and wildlife. Migrating shorebirds, including ospreys and American oystercatchers, stop at Caven Point in Jersey City…

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Do nature a favor – leave the leaves!

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director If you love fall’s spectacular colors but not raking leaves, here’s some good news: You can stop! By leaving your leaves alone, you’ll help your lawn, local wildlife and the environment. Leaves falling from trees shouldn’t be seen as trash to be collected and hauled away. Decomposing leaves are nature’s…

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10 years after Sandy, are we safer from flooding?

By Tom Gilbert, Co-Executive Director Nearly everyone who lived in New Jersey 10 years ago has vivid – and possibly traumatic – memories of Superstorm Sandy slamming this state we’re in. Thirty-eight lives were lost. More than 300,000 homes were either completely destroyed or so badly damaged as to be uninhabitable. About 2.7 million people…

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James Florio: Conservation Trailblazer

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director The pristine wilderness of the New Jersey Pine Barrens may seem worlds apart from the state’s polluted industrial sites in need of cleanup and restoration. But one thing they had in common was James Florio in their corner. Florio – a former Governor, Congressman, Assemblyman and chair of the state…

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