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An urgent call to preserve half of New Jersey’s land

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director New Jersey is not only the nation’s most densely populated state, it’s also predicted to be the first to reach full build-out – the point where all land has been either developed or preserved. If current trends continue, full build-out could occur by the middle of this century. Why is…

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Explore D&R Canal State Park during 50th celebration!

D&R Canal State Park photo by Daniel Paschall

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director It’s hard to imagine a world in which the fastest way to move freight between Philadelphia and New York City was having mules tow barges along a 70-mile canal connecting the Delaware and Raritan rivers. But that world existed when the Delaware & Raritan Canal opened in 1834. It was…

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The ‘Ivy League’ look is unhealthy for your trees!

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director While out walking or driving, did you ever notice trees so covered with ivy that they look like totally different life forms? In a way they are – because if the ivy continues to grow unchecked, the trees themselves might not live much longer. Trees laden with ivy are something…

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Warmer winters shift plant growing zones

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director Most longtime New Jerseyans – especially gardeners and growers – have noticed that winters have gotten milder over the last few decades. Cold weather seems to arrive later, and the Garden State gets fewer days of truly frigid, bone-chilling weather. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has noticed, too, thanks…

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