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A grateful farewell

By Michele S. Byers, Executive Director 1999-2021 This is my last weekly column as executive director of New Jersey Conservation Foundation, the nonprofit where I’ve loved working for nearly 40 years. In my years at New Jersey Conservation, I’ve made the Garden State my home and have grown to love it like a native. I’ve…

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Green Acres ‘in it for the people’ for 60 years

By Michele S. Byers, Executive Director 1999-2021 Depending on your age you may think of the 1960’s silly comedy “Green Acres” when you see Green Acres signs around this state we’re in and don’t know about one of New Jersey’ best kept secrets! Fortunately for New Jersey’s people and wildlife, the state Green Acres Program…

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Nearly 50 years of fighting for a clean environment

By Michele S. Byers, Executive Director 1999-2021 You may not have heard of Ed Lloyd, but the Trenton resident has spent the past 48 years fighting on the public’s behalf for clean air, clean water and preserved land. One of the state’s top environmental attorneys, Ed is a law professor at Columbia University and the…

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Winter is perfect for owl spotting!

By Michele S. Byers, Executive Director 1999-2021 Early every winter, anticipation builds among lovers of rare birds in New Jersey. It’s time once again for the arrival of magnificent snowy owls from the north! These striking white owls with bright yellow eyes spend their breeding season north of the Arctic circle in Canada, hunting lemmings…

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First stomp, now scrape?

By Michele S. Byer, Executive Director 1999-2021 You may have noticed New Jerseyans doing a strange “dance” before the weather turned cold. It’s the Spotted Lanternfly Stomp, and it was performed in a variety of outdoor settings, including sidewalks, public parks, private yards, farms and orchards. The purpose of the Stomp was to help eradicate…

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