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Open space trust funds keep New Jersey green

You’ve probably heard the bad jokes about New Jersey’s traffic, toxic waste, Turnpike exits and bad smells. But what about the Garden State’s image? Those of us who live here know that there’s a lot of green in New Jersey. This state we’re in is the most densely populated in the nation, yet about a…

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Where do the wild things go?

Winter is coming, and wildlife is getting ready. New Jersey’s wild animals – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and more – have many strategies for coping with winter. Some hibernate, some migrate, and others stay put. Who does what? Hibernators – Hibernation is more than a long winter’s nap. Animals that hibernate – including bats, woodchucks,…

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Leave the autumn leaves

Autumn is here, and the leaves will soon be down. Time for a massive yard cleanup, right? Not so fast! Before you go for the rake, blower and bags, you should know that you can help keep your lawn and soils healthy – and give yourself a break! Those brilliant red, gold and orange leaves…

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Energy efficiency crucial for New Jersey’s future

Imagine two light bulbs side by side. One is a 12-watt LED bulb and the other is traditional 60-watt incandescent. When the switch is flipped, the two bulbs glow with the same amount of light. But the LED bulb uses 75-80 percent less energy. This means lower electric bills and less pollution. States are like…

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Massive bird losses should be ‘a rallying call to action’

Bird watchers all over New Jersey have been feeling something amiss. “I see lots of backyard birds like cardinals and robins, but I have to search harder to find birds that thrive in more natural habitats,” says Dr. Emile DeVito, staff biologist at New Jersey Conservation Foundation. “The birds are all still out there, but…

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