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Who’s in the water?

You’re walking near a stream or lake and suddenly catch a flash of a small, sleek creature with dark, glossy fur. Could it be a mink? Or maybe you hear a loud slap on the water, followed by a glimpse of a submerged creature diving under a pile of sticks and logs. Could it be…

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Looking back: 60 years of conservation

It’s hard to imagine New Jersey without its strong environmental bent and legacy.  Over the past few decades, New Jersey has passed landmark regional planning laws, laws to protect wetlands and farmland, drinking water, air quality and funding for preserving open space, farmland and historic sites. But 60 years ago – the year New Jersey…

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New Jersey keeps its nickname

Nothing says summer like Jersey tomatoes, blueberries, sweet corn and peaches. We’re not called the Garden State for nothing! A new report by the nonprofit American Farmland Trust ranks New Jersey number one of all states in preserving its agricultural lands and keep farming viable. New Jersey is continuing to earn its Garden State nickname!…

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Urban farms taking off

When you think of farming in New Jersey, what comes to mind? Maybe huge rolling fields planted in rows of crops, or cows grazing in a pasture with a picturesque red barn? New Jersey has lots of farms like those, but farming in the nation’s most densely populated state is so much more! Picture this:…

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