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Celebrate 50 years of organic farming

When Mark Canright’s father, John, opened his organic farm in Somerset County in 1974, many customers didn’t know what “organic” meant or why it was important. “Farmer John’s Organic Produce was the first farm in New Jersey that called itself ‘organic.’ We spent a lot of time explaining to people what it was,” recalled Mark,…

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Amphibians on the move!

The days are longer and warmer, an unmistakable cue to New Jersey’s hibernating amphibians – frogs, salamanders and toads – that it’s time to leave their winter hideaways and start mating. The first warm, rainy nights of spring produce a frenzy of amphibian activity, as spotted salamanders, Jefferson salamanders, wood frogs and spring peepers emerge…

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Explore animal culture!

With spring around the corner, we’ll soon get to enjoy seeing a multitude of animals as they migrate back to New Jersey, come out of hibernation, mate and have babies, and raise their families. Animal behaviors are fascinating: How do they know how to do everything from hunting for food to avoiding danger to taking…

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Report: Don’t undervalue ‘nature’s capital’

In the world of finance, “capital” usually refers to monetary wealth, often needed for starting and maintaining a business. Businesses without enough capital may be doomed to failure. Did you know that nature has capital? Nature’s capital includes water, air, geology, soil, and the planet’s diverse plant and animal species. These assets are collectively known…

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