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Get outside and embrace ‘friluftsliv’ this winter!

“Friluftsliv” might be hard to pronounce, but it’s a concept to embrace this winter amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Meaning “open-air life” in Norwegian, friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv) is deeply ingrained in Nordic culture. Scandinavians are renowned for their love of the outdoors, no matter the season or weather. There’s even a popular saying: “There is no…

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What’s valuable about New Jersey’s forests?

In the not-so-distant past, the value of forests was based on the timber generated from logging. Forests without commercial timber potential were thought to be nearly worthless. Today much more is known about forest values. Forests are considered priceless for providing wildlife habitat and many “ecosystem services,” including filtering impurities from the air and water,…

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Tom Gilmore: Conservation Trailblazer

New Jersey’s parks, forests, farms, trails, meadows and wildlife habitats are preserved today in large part due to the many individual conservation trailblazers in this state we’re in.  Individuals really do make a difference! You may not have heard of Tom Gilmore, but if you live in New Jersey you can be sure your community…

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Tracking winged travelers

By this time, most of New Jersey’s nesting migrators have headed south for the winter. Songbirds like orioles, hummingbirds, vireos, and most warblers won’t be seen again until next spring, and while some birds of prey stay during the colder months, tens of thousands of hawks, falcons, and eagles have already bid the Garden State farewell. While…

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