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Pine Barrens natural landscape will rebound from Wharton wildfire

by Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director Fueled by high winds and dry conditions, New Jersey’s largest wildfire in 15 years swept through Wharton State Forest in the Pine Barrens last week, burning more than 13,500 acres. Thankfully, no lives or homes were lost, as the blaze occurred in a remote part of New Jersey’s largest tract…

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Helping New Jersey towns tackle warehouse sprawl

By Tom Gilbert, Co-Executive Director According to an old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Similarly, one should always “look before you leap.” In essence, plan ahead! That’s exactly the advice being given to New Jersey municipalities to help them deal with an onslaught of warehouse proposals. The State Planning…

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The mystery of the wild ginger

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director When outside exploring nature, many people are drawn to the animal kingdom. Animals have observable behaviors, not to mention a pair of eyes staring at you – the owl in a tree, the fawn in a clearing, the frog on a lily pad or the squirrel in the grass. The…

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Underfunded, understaffed state parks need a ‘friend’

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director From High Point State Park at the “top” of the state to Cape May Point State Park at the southern tip, New Jersey has an incredible variety of public lands. Mountains, lakes, ocean beaches, bays, deciduous forests, pine barrens, beautiful rivers and streams, historic sites – we’ve got it all!…

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The power of parks to help with climate change

By Tom Gilbert, Co-Executive Director Parks go a long way toward improving quality of life in New Jersey, especially in cities where asphalt and concrete dominate. Parks offer something for everyone: playgrounds and splash pads for kids, ballfields and trails for those who want exercise, community spaces for events like concerts and farmers markets, as…

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