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Harnessing nature to fight climate change

Many of us love huge old trees. Their beauty, size and feeling of the passing of time leave us in awe. But they also contribute to life on this planet and make it livable for humans and so many incredible life forms. And they also absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen.…

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Liberty State Park plan up for public comment

Can a state park be all things to all people? Can it be an international destination as well as a local park? Can a large urban park provide the serenity of nature, active ball fields and priceless iconic views? These are a few of the questions the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is working…

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COVID’s impact: The ‘burbs’ are back, retail is changing

Not long ago, experts who track New Jersey’s land use and development trends were putting the nail in the coffin of suburban sprawl. As recently as this past winter, indicators showed that millennials – the generation that’s taking over the workforce, and marrying and having children – didn’t want suburban life. Instead, they wanted to…

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An eloquent witness to Earth’s changing climate

In his 94 years, British naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough has explored every part of the Earth, from polar ice caps to equatorial rain forests to African savannas. His acclaimed television series, including “Life on Earth” and “The Blue Planet,” brought exotic animal species into millions of homes, sparking a sense of wonder and discovery.…

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‘Pine Mud’ film exposes ORV damage to Pine Barrens

For those who love nature and wildlife, the New Jersey Pine Barrens are a million acres of incomparable beauty and wilderness in the middle of the heavily-developed East Coast corridor. It’s a region rich in rare plants and animals, some found nowhere else on Earth, and has been designated an international Biosphere Reserve. Unfortunately for…

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