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Help the Garden State’s farmers this year!

Farming is unpredictable, with crops dependent on good soils and the right amounts of sun and rain. Droughts, floods, wind storms, blights and pest infestations can all derail a farm’s growing season. This year, with the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, farmers face additional challenges. Many farmers’ livelihoods depend on selling to restaurants, but…

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Nature is open!

The coronavirus has thrown our lives into pandemonium. Schools and workplaces are closed and you can’t even go to health clubs, restaurants or bars! Stress levels can hit the roof as we worry about our families, hunker down at home and isolate ourselves with “social distancing.” Some of us are trying to work and attend…

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Celebrating the recovery of bald eagles

In these uncertain and difficult times, we all need to look for signs of hope.  Thanks to Mother Nature and a little help from her friends, here is a wonderful story of recovery and hope for New Jersey’s bald eagle population. Two baby bald eagles just hatched at Duke Farms in Hillsborough – tiny fluff…

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New Jersey’s Plants Need Help!

New Jersey’s amazing geological diversity supports a wide variety of native plants and animals. Many of them are endangered or threatened – that is, in danger of vanishing from New Jersey or, in some cases, becoming extinct. While this state we’re in has laws protecting endangered and threatened animals, plants have little protection. “The public…

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