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Candy Ashmun: devoted Pine Barrens champion

One of the greatest advocates for protecting the New Jersey Pine Barrens is someone who never lived there. But Candace McKee Ashmun – better known as Candy to an enormous fan club of friends and admirers – is one of the most ardent defenders of the natural beauty and wildlife of the Pinelands, 1.1 million…

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Helping American chestnut trees recover from blight

Chestnut planting Hopewell Township

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” is an American tradition, but the tradition actually dates back to prehistoric times. Roasting chestnuts is a big part of Italian holidays, and chestnuts are an important food crop in Asia and southern Europe. The chestnuts we roast these days don’t come from our native American chestnut trees that…

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Still the Garden State!

Assorted Veggies at Farm Stand

For those who don’t know New Jersey, “Garden State” might seem like an odd nickname. After all, this state we’re in is the nation’s most densely populated and is projected to be the first to be completely built out. But with its highly fertile soils and farming history, agriculture continues to thrive. People have to…

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Protect New Jersey’s wildlife homes


Visit the Pine Barrens in summer and hear a chorus of Pine Barrens tree frogs, watch northern pine snakes bask in the sun, spot red-headed woodpeckers in the trees or watch bald eagles flying over rivers and reservoirs. Visit the Highlands and look for bog turtles sunning in marshes, red-shouldered hawks soaring above forested hills,…

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