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Nature watching in winter

Winter may seem quiet, almost like nature is taking a break.  But is this true? Many animals are hibernating, lots of birds have fled to the south and plants are dormant. But you might be surprised at all of nature’s activity in winter in this state we’re in! More than a week has passed since…

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Ring in 2021 with a First Day hike!

It’s hard to overstate the health benefits of walking. A brisk daily walk or hike keeps your body’s systems tuned, and helps with everything from muscle strength to blood pressure to digestion. And when you walk outdoors in nature, the benefits multiply. Fresh air, sunshine, green scenery – and, right now, the chance to walk…

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Using science to bring back iconic American chestnut trees

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose …” By the time those famous lyrics were penned in 1945, most of the magnificent American chestnut forest in the eastern United States were gone, the victims of a blight that would eventually kill some four billion trees. In today’s terms, it would…

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O Christmas tree, how green are your branches?

‘Tis the season to decorate for the holidays, and time to bring home the perfect tree. But what is the most environmentally friendly tree choice?  Cutting down a live evergreen, or sparing the ax and getting an artificial “faux fir?” Buying an artificial tree may appear to be the most eco-friendly choice, since it can…

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Stop fraudulent land conservation schemes!

Since the 1970s donations of land and interests in land, known as conservation easements, have benefited from a federal conservation tax deduction. The tax deduction incentive has proven enormously successful and popular across the nation.  In fact, the conservation easement tax deduction is one of America’s most valuable tools for encouraging landowners to preserve property…

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