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It’s time to support your local farmer and join a CSA!

Even though it’s winter, it’s time to plan for spring! It’s time to enjoy more daylight, crocuses, returning birds … and signups for CSA farms. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it’s a great way to put the freshest and tastiest vegetables on your table while keeping local farmers strong. The time to sign…

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Get outside for a tech treasure hunt!

Technology has taken over our lives. It’s turned many of us into couch potatoes. But technology can also entice us off of the couch and into the great outdoors. One great example is geocaching, which pairs hiking and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to create a modern-day treasure hunt. All you need is a smartphone,…

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How will climate change impact New Jersey?

David Robinson, New Jersey’s official climatologist for the past 27 years, spends much of his time keeping up on research about climate change and how it’s affecting this state we’re in. He’s also a scientist and professor at Rutgers University, specializing in tracking global snow cover as a measure of how quickly the Earth is…

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‘Early bird’ bald eagles already nesting

Bald eagles are New Jersey’s early birds. In the chill of winter, they’re the first to build nests and lay eggs. Even in the short days of December, these early birds are busy gathering sticks, grass and other materials to build or repair their nests. Only two weeks into the new year, they start laying…

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