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NJ’s 50 native orchids!

Leaves of green stand out in a drab winter landscape, when nearly everything else is gray or brown. That’s how a cranefly orchid was discovered a few years ago at a preserved farm in Salem County. Scott Breeman, easement steward for New Jersey Conservation Foundation, spotted the leaves and thought they could be from an…

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Bats and summer nights: perfect together!

Sit outside on a summer evening around sunset and look up. If you’re in an open area with nearby woods, you may be treated to a dazzling aerial display of bats hunting for flying insects. “They’re endlessly fascinating,” said Ethan Gilardi, a bat biologist with the nonprofit Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. “They’re fun…

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A helping hand for farmers without land

Farmers starting out in the Garden State face a conundrum.  On one hand, New Jersey has preserved 33 percent of its farmland and secured the protection of thousands of acres of fertile farms and soil. Yet, this state we’re in has the nation’s second most expensive farmland, putting land ownership out of reach for many…

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Help document ‘sunny day’ flooding

It doesn’t take a hurricane or tropical storm to flood out streets in New Jersey’s coastal towns. “Sunny day flooding,” associated with high tides rather than storms, has become common in the past two decades due to sea level rise caused by climate change. And it will get worse in the coming years. How bad…

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