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‘Climate-smart’ agriculture catching on with farmers

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director When you think about farmers in the Garden State, you might picture them planting seeds, milking cows, raising poultry, harvesting crops, and delivering fresh, healthy foods to market. Without a doubt, farmers feed the world. As the old saying goes, “No farmers, no food.” Did you know that as farmers…

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State forest needs protection from rogue drivers

By Tom Gilbert, Co-Executive Director If you watch sports on television, including the Super Bowl, you’ve probably noticed the commercials for four-wheel-drive vehicles. With heart-pounding music playing, they show rugged vehicles climbing hills, splashing through streams and flinging mud from spinning tires. To some, it must look like fun. But what the commercials don’t show…

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Telling the truth about New Jersey’s slave history

By Jay Watson, Co-Executive Director “New Jersey is the Garden State. We’re known for our blueberries, we’re known for our corn, we’re known for our peaches. But we’re not known for the slaves that were here tilling the soil, we’re not known for the whole history of slavery right here, and how slavery was the…

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Sweet! South Jersey taps its maple syrup potential

By Alison Mitchell, Co-Executive Director New Jersey isn’t nearly as famous as Vermont for maple syrup, though native sugar maple trees grow in our state’s north and central counties and many small farms tap trees for syrup. South Jersey? Not so much. Sugar maples are extremely rare in the region, and those few that do…

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