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Save New Jersey’s bees: Reduce use of ‘neonics’

New Jersey is still the “Garden State,” famous for blueberries, peaches, tomatoes, corn and other delicious fruits and veggies. But these valuable crops will not grow without the services of honeybees, wild bees like bumblebees, and other insect pollinators. Together, they pollinate nearly $200 million worth of produce a year. Bees are disappearing at an…

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Working toward ‘nature for all’ in New Jersey

How comfortable are you in the outdoors? Do you feel happy and safe in parks and outdoor spaces, or do you feel unwelcome or uncomfortable? Your answer may depend on the color of your skin. Not everyone feels safe in parks and nature preserves that belong to us all. People of color may feel out…

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Wetlands champion: Russell Furnari

Wetlands are one of the most valuable, and least understood, of our natural resources. Wetlands clean and replenish water supplies, reduce flood risk by soaking up stormwater, provide rich wildlife habitat, and offer incredible beauty and recreational opportunities. May is American Wetlands Month, a time to celebrate their many benefits and to thank those who…

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Regenerating native forests to fight climate change

In the effort to slow climate change, forests are a powerful ally. Trees naturally remove harmful carbon dioxide from the air and store, or “sequester,” it in their roots, branches and wood. But future generations of giant canopy trees must be able to reproduce. As individual trees are lost to storms, drought, or disease, new…

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