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Pine Barrens ‘mudders’ focus of new documentary

It was a warm, rainy May night in 2016 and filmmaker Jared Flesher was searching for threatened and rare Pine Barrens tree frogs. With help from a guide, he found himself next to a pond deep in the wilderness of Wharton State Forest. “We could hear whippoorwills singing, then we heard this ‘quonk, quonk, quonk’…

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New Jersey moves to block seismic blasting

Imagine someone blasting an air horn next to your ear. Now imagine that sound thousands of times louder. That’s how experts describe the sound of seismic testing to whales, dolphins, sea turtles, fish and other marine life. Seismic testing, or blasting compressed air through water using airguns, is done to find oil deposits under the…

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Mary Oliver, nature poet

The late Mary Oliver, the Pulitzer Prize winning poet who passed away earlier this year at the age of 83, was an artist who used her words to paint pictures of the natural world. Her verses express deep reverence for nature as sources of beauty, solace and wisdom. “I could not be a poet without…

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Nature spotting

Nature is all around, even in cities and towns! Birds, butterflies, bugs, flowers, trees, mushrooms and even weeds! The idea behind City Nature Challenge is to get folks out looking at nature. It’s an international competition in which citizen scientists search major metropolitan areas for diverse plants and animals over four days – Friday, April…

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